Vaccinations are important to stimulate the immune system to develop protection (antibodies) against several pathogens that our furry family members could potentially become exposed to in their environment or interacting with other animals.

Recommended core vaccinations in puppies/dogs are rabies vaccination, canine distemper/parvovirus vaccination, leptospirosis vaccination and Bordetella vaccination. Additional vaccinations dependent on lifestyle/environment are the Lyme vaccination and Influenza vaccination.

Recommended core vaccination in kittens/cats is rabies vaccination and feline distemper/parvovirus vaccination. FeLV vaccination is recommended if your cat is indoor/outdoor to potential exposure.

If this is the first time that your animal is receiving vaccinations, a booster vaccination in 3-4 weeks will be required. The exceptions to this rule are Rabies vaccination in dogs/cats and Bordetella vaccination in dogs.

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