Periodontal disease

Just like in humans, dental hygiene is an important consideration for our animal’s overall health. If our animals do not have their teeth brushed daily using a veterinary enzymatic toothpaste, there is an accumulation of plaque, which is a combination of organic material (food) and bacteria, that accumulates on their teeth. As plaque continues to accumulate, it eventually can cause gingivitis (inflammation/redness of the gingival tissue) and tartar (firm tan/gray material that collects on teeth).  Oftentimes, animals present to the clinic for bad breath, which can be very commonly caused by periodontal disease. Other signs of worsening progression of periodontal disease can be swelling of the face, decreased appetite, excessive drooling and bleeding from the mouth. If your animal is showing any of these signs or you would like an evaluation of your animal’s dental health to discuss preventative dental health tactics, please schedule a dental consultation at Precious Bond Animal Hospital.