Dr. Jennifer Stecher

As a child in Iowa, I was inspired to become a veterinarian due to the love of a cute little dog named Wendy. The importance of this bond throughout my childhood and development further fueled my life goal of pursuing a veterinary career to provide the best medical care and love to our furry friends. In addition, I wanted to provide the longest duration of this unique “precious” bond between human and animal that has been so special to me in my life.

Prior to starting veterinary school at Iowa State University, I got a perfect little 8-week old Wheaten Terrier puppy named Charlie that melted my heart and everyone around him. He was there for me throughout veterinary school, moving to Chicago and the loss of my father to cancer. The importance of his love and companionship during these challenging times in my life has been an essential blessing. It has further strengthened my conviction to provide the best medical care to my furry patients and allow for them to have as much quality time as possible with their pet parents.

In the past couple of years, Charlie’s health started to decline and I faced the questions that many of my clients ask me daily/weekly, how can I give him the best quality of life and how will I ever say “goodbye”? From this experience, the “GC” Club or Geriatric Club was developed. I want all clients to be able to provide the best care for their furry loved ones and have plenty of opportunities to discuss questions that arise with myself and my veterinary staff along the way. We are all in this together.

Throughout these past couple of years when I was contemplating the leap of owning my own veterinary clinic, the words “precious bond” kept repeating in my head. Therefore, there is no other name that fits my clinic more perfectly, than Precious Bond Animal Hospital. At PBAH, we are focused to providing care for all life stages of dogs and cats. I have a strong interest in preventative medicine, surgery, behavior, internal medicine, dermatology, infectious disease, dentistry, acupuncture and geriatric medicine.